Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood : Review

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From today’s article, we are going to talk about the game Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood. The game released in 2010, just after a year from the previous game Assassin’s Creed II. Make sure to read our article about “Assassin’s Creed II“.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood cover
Assassin’s Creed brotherhood cover : Image from Pinterest

After very successful Assassin’s Creed II game, Ubisoft has designed this game which is the second game of the Ezio trilogy. The game has some more interesting gameplay mechanisms comparing to its predecessor.

Game Release and Platforms

Just as it’s previous game of the series, Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood released for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 first and later it was released for PC in 2011.

This game is also fairly old and game and it’s playable on a PC that doesn’t have huge system requirements. ( RAM, VGA, processor, etc)

Gameplay Experience in Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood

Assassin's Creed brotherhood gameplay
Gameplay Screenshot : Image from RetroGameAge

As we discussed from our earlier articles, this game too an action-adventure game. Game is focused on Rome and Vatican City during the very early 16th century. When playing, players can explore the city of Rome with its fascinating landmarks.

Similarities with Assassin’s Creed II

This game’s HUD is much more similar to Assassin’s Creed II game. (This game uses the same Animus version 2.0). The database system is also the same. The notoriety system, hiring factions is also similar to the previous game.

New Additions in the game

New weapons such as ‘crossbow’, ‘poison darts’ and Leonardo’s parachute is introduced to the player to enhance the gameplay experience.

Assassin's Creed brotherhood crossbow
Ezio using crossbow : Image from Hypable

The combat system in brotherhood is much better than the previous Assassin’s Creed II. Ezio can use various types of weapons in combat too. There are some new enemy types introduced also in this game.

A new fast travel system is also introduced in the game. Using tunnels Ezio can travel a long distance in a short amount of time.

Again, this game features some historical figures as previous game. Player will encounter Leonardo da Vinci, Niccolò Machiavelli, Caterina Sforza and Bartolomeo d’Alviano as allies while Rodrigo Borgia and Cessare Borgia as villains.

In the present day gameplay, Desmond can leave animus state any moment and explore Monteriggioni. (This option was not available in the previous game).

Removing Borgia Influence

Since the game centered around the fight between The Assassin Brotherhood and The Borgia Family. Ezio has to kill every Borgia captain controlling each area to liberate Rome. Killing these captains unlocks the shops in that particular area.

Ezio destroying a Borgia tower removing their influence : GamesRadar

After removing the Borgia Influence that area, players can renovate the shops (Banks, Blacksmith, Tailor, Doctor, Art Merchants). This is the first time we found the renovating system in the franchise. Renovating these shops gives Ezio an income from that shop that can be collected from the Banks.

Removing Borgia influence also enables the player to recruit assassins.

Assassin Management System

After some part completed in the story, the player can recruit citizens to The Assassin Brotherhood. Rescuing citizens from Borgia soldiers will make them assassin recruits. These recruits will give additional support for Ezio in combats.

Assassin’s Management System : Image from IGN

Players can send assassin recruits to complete various missions through Europe. This gives the chance to earn experience and to obtain rare items. Earning experience will make them tougher to kill and skillful in combat. Finally, Ezio can promote them to the rank of Assassin.

Multiplayer System

For the first time in the main franchise, a multiplayer mode is featured in this game. The players are playing as templar agents in Abstergo Industries. Players can obtain points while performing various activities like in the single-player gameplay. There are a variety of characters in this mode.

Assassin's creed brotherhood multiplayer
Some characters in Assassin’s Creed Multiplayer Mode : Image from Pinterest

Story of Assassin’s Creed – Brotherhood

Present Day

After the raid on the last safe house Desmond along with Lucy, Rebecca and Shaun decide to go to Monteriggioni. At there they conduct more Animus sessions on Desmond. Their objective is to find out more about first civilization artifacts.

Ezio Vs Borgia Family

After defeating Rodrigo Borgia, Ezio returns home thinking that all problems are over. However, Cessare Borgia, son of Rodrigo Borgia leads Papal forces to attack Monteriggioni. Devastated from the attack, Ezio finds himself recovering in Rome after sustaining mortal wounds from the battle.

Then Ezio determines to defeat the Borgia from step by step. He joins with his adviser Niccolò Machiavelli to begin the destruction of Borgia’s. With the help of Mercenaries of Bartolomeo d’Alviano, thieves of La Volpe and courtesans led by Claudia Auditore ( Ezio’s Sister) he eradicates Borgia influence from Roma.

End of the Borgia Power

Because of Ezio’s efforts, Borgia forces become weaker. Because of inner conflicts among the Borgia family, Cessare kills his father Rodrigo. However, Cessare fails to obtain the apple of Eden before Ezio. With the power of apple, Ezio easily defeats Cessare’s papal forces. Meanwhile, Claudia Auditore becomes an Assassin. Later in Viana Ezio kills Cessare in a battle to regain power.

Cessare Borgia and Rodrigo Borgia
Cessare and Rodrigo : Image from Assassin’s Creed Wiki

Tragic End of Present Day Story

Following Ezio’s memories, Desmond and others enter a secret location beneath Colosseum. There Desmond encounters Juno, from first civilization. He gets the apple of Eden. In this instance, Juno takes control of Desmond’s body. Juno forces Desmond to kill Lucy resulting in Lucy’s death and Desmond entering a Coma.


Assassin’s Creed brotherhood introduces many key features in the series as we know. This features Its a complete game with every functionality. This game surely gives you a gameplay experience worth enjoying.

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