The Sims 3 – Review

Himesh Anjula 1

‘The Sims 3’, is a life simulation game released in 2010. It was also a creation of Maxis and publishment of Electronic Arts. Unlike many other simulation games, this game has got a huge fan base and good reviews from the players. (Which is a common factor in all games […]

The Sims 2: Review

Himesh Anjula 5

After our article about ‘The Sims Franchise‘, we decided to go to the good old days and talk about this game. So today’s topic is ‘The Sims 2’ the game which raised the game series into glory. As you may know ‘The Sims 2’ is a life simulation game created […]

Why Military Games are so Popular?

Himesh Anjula 4

Today, we are going to talk about Military Games or Army Games. These games basically centered around the real scenarios and incidents happened in wars. As you know many wars occurred throughout the history of the Earth. However some wars in these games are based on fictional stories. You may […]

Call of Duty : World at War Review

Himesh Anjula 3

Call of Duty : World at War is a first person shooter game like all other Call of Duty games. The game released on 2008 which was developed by Treyarch and Published by Activision. This is the fifth installment (main) of the franchise. The game is playable on all major […]

Why people love Racing Games?

Himesh Anjula

Today, we are going to talk about a different game genre,and it’s about Racing Games. Like military games, these games mark the beginning of the gaming life of many gamers. In most times, racing games are included in the sport games category. However, we decided to talk about this type […]

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