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Batman Arkham Asylum is a video game which is the first instalment of the Arkham series. This game marked as an action-adventure game.

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Batman Arkham Asylum is a game created by Rocksteady Studios and published by Eidos and WB Interactive Entertainment in 2009.

Basically the game uses the stories from the famous DC Comics superhero Batman. Rocksteady used ‘Unreal Engine 3′ to create this game. It is available in the gaming all major gaming platforms.

Batman Arkham Asylum Cover
Batman Arkham Asylum Cover : Image from Pinterest

The game features DC comic characters like Joker, Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, Bane and Poison Ivy.

The game is fairly old, but it offers a great experience to the gamers. So let’s take a look at those aspects we have in this game.

Gameplay Mechanics in Batman Arkham Asylum

Arkham Asylum is a game which has the third-person perspective gameplay. Obviously, player controls Batman throughout the game. The game can’t be called as an full open world game as it has a limited area for free roaming. (Until you finish the game).

Batman Arkahm Asylum Gameplay
Gameplay Screenshot from the game : Image from GamerFront

Movements and Gadget Usage

Those who watched and read Batman before playing this game might know this feature. Running, Crouching (Used in stealth) and Gliding from higher locations using his cape are available to you as Batman.

As for gadgets, we can do plenty of things using this inventory of Batman. (Which is an interesting part of the entire series)

Here are the gadgets usable in Arkham Asylum game.

  • Batarang – A throwing weapon, Usable for stun enemies temporary and to trigger buttons out of reach.
  • Remote Controlled Batarang – A steerable version of a batarang
  • Sonic Batarang – A batarang player can use to attract hostiles to a specific location
  • Grapple Gun – Batman uses this gadget to climb ledges
  • Explosive Gel – Used to detonate structural weak spots
  • Batclaw – Usable for grappling and pulling down objects
  • Cryptographic Sequencer – Use to override security panels
  • Line Launcher – Used to traverse horizontal spans

Combat System

Player can take either stealth or direct combat approach. (Sometimes player must take the stealth approach). This game uses the freeflow combat system. Batman can attack hostiles until they knocked down. Attackers uses various techniques and batman must use various type of attacks to counter those attacks.

Detective Vision

Detective Vision is a unique gameplay mechanic used in the Arkham Series. This is a visual mode which provides additional information about the surrounding area, objects and people.

Arkham Asylum : Detective Vision
Batman uses detective vision to identify targets : Pinterest

Story of Arkham Asylum

After capturing Joker, Batman takes Joker to Arkham Asylum. This Asylum holds many of joker’s subordinates and many criminal bosses from the Gotham City. Batman thinks something is off and accompany Joker into the Asylum. Just as he thought, it was plotted by Joker himself to gain control of the Asylum.

Arkahm Asylum : Villains
Arkham Asylum Villains : Image from Pinterest

Batman fights against these Joker’s goons and thugs in order to uncover the true motive of the Joker. Before confronting Joker, Batman has to deal with Bane, Scarecrow, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

Batman has to ruin Joker’s plan to capture Chemical Titan (a chemical which enhance strength). And to save captured police officers including Batman’s ally commissioner James Gordon.

The game offers several side quests which doesn’t affect to the main story line. This includes Riddles of The Riddler and finding the history of the Arkham Asylum.


Basically this game is the intro to the Arkham Series. It directly connects to the story of the next game of the series, Arkham City. Even though it is an old game, this game provides us some amazing story telling and gameplay mechanisms. We think this game is a one you should try as a gamer.

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