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Tharindu Prabath
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Batman : Arkham Origins
Batman Arkham Origins : Cover – Image from Nintendo

From this article, we are going to talk about the third installment of the famous Arkham Series, Batman Arkham Origins.

Arkham Origins game released back in 2013, two years after the release of Batman : Arkham City. As usual this game also got it’s inspiration from the famous DC comics. The game’s main story is based on the events happened five years before the first installment, Arkham Asylum. As the name of the game, this game features a Batman which is much more younger and lesser known to the Gotham citizens and police. In fact, Gotham police is not a friendly force to Batman in this game.

Gameplay in Batman Arkham Origins

Like it’s predecessors, this game is playable from third-person perspective only. The game vastly concentrates about Batman’s stealth, combat, gadgets and detective capabilities. The game is an open world game as Batman can freely explore the areas of the Gotham City on the Christmas Eve. And also we can say that exploration does some role in the game too.

Arkham Origins - Gameplay
Gameplay Image from Arkham Origins : Image from Game-Smack

As we mentioned earlier, the game provides us access to Batman’s gadgets both in exploration and combat. Basically, Batman uses his cape and grapnel gun for exploration in the game. Followings are some other gadgets available in the game which were available in the previous Arkham Games.

  • Cryptographic Sequencer – Usable for hacking security consoles remotely and to listen radio frequencies.
  • Batclaw – Useful for pulling objects.
  • Batrangs – Throwing weapon with various enhanced categories.
  • Explosive Gel – Useful for destroying Weak surfaces and to stun hostiles in combat.
  • Smoke Pellets – Used for stealth takedowns and quick escapes from tough situations.

The Game features several new gadgets (some has similar usages to gadgets we had in earlier games.

  • Remote Claw – Available after defeating Deathstroke. Used to connect two points using a wire.
  • Shock Gloves – Useful for blocking electric attacks, disable enemies, stun enemies and to short-circuits.
  • Glue Grenade – Similar to Ice grenade in Arkham City.

What’s New?

The Game introduces several new things. Such as, Fast Travel System. Batman is able to fast travel within the city and to his base Batcave using his plane, Batwing. To unlock these fast travel destinations, Batman has to disable the radio towers controlled by Riddler. New side mission type is introduced as ‘Crime Support‘ where Batman helps the Gotham Police. Will give the player huge amount of experience points which are valuable for leveling up and obtaining skills. Another side mission type is to track the ‘Most Wanted‘. This allows batman to trace the criminals who are not in the main story line. (Such as Anarky and Mad Hatter).

The game features new improvements on the Detective Vision of Batman which plays a vital role in gameplay. Batman is now able to recreate the crime scene virtually and analyse the situation better.

The game also contain several modes like previous games. A multiplayer mode which revolves around a gang war between Joker and Bane. Also the game has mode named as ‘New Game Plus’ Mode which unlocks after clearing the main story. This mode enables the player to play the game with all the skills and gadgets obtained but much more hardened gameplay. After completing this mode, player can play the ultimate mode named as, ‘I am the Night‘ mode. In this mode, the game will be over if Batman dies.

Base Story in Arkham Origins

In this game, Batman is not the veteran crime fighting vigilante. So the citizen and Gotham Police are not believing him completely. (Some think Batman as a myth or a supernatural person).

On the Christmas Eve, Crime lord Black Mask places 50 million bounty on Batman’s head, after making a escape from the Black gate prison. 8 Assassin’s comes after Batman for the 50 million money. Aware of this situation, Batman tracks Black Mask’s whereabouts. In this quest, Batman need to defeat all 8 assassins. And they are namely, Electrocutioner, Deathstroke, Bane, Firefly, Copperhead, Deadshot, Killer Croc and Shiva.

While finding about Black Mask, Batman uncovers that the real Black Mask was kidnapped by Joker and acted as Black Mask in disguise to obtain his crime empire. This the first time Batman confronts Joker. (Batman doesn’t know about Joker at the beginning of the game).

Joker - Arkham Origins
Joker in Arkham Origins – Image from GameWatcher

Tracking back Joker, Batman confronts with super-powered Bane. Bane escapes from the battle and tries to kill Joker. However Batman saves Joker and deliver him to police. Confused by Batman’s actions, Joker believes that he and Batman is destined to meet again.

Meanwhile, Bane discovers the true identity of Batman and make an assault to Batman’s hideout and nearly killed Alfred. In the other hand Joker takes control the prison again by starting a riot. Batman saves Alfred and returns to Blackgate prison to defeat both Bane and Joker. After a tough battle, Batman defeats Bane and captures Joker alive. After these incidents Captain Gordon decides to trust Batman as the guardian of the Gotham City.


Despite being the lowest rated game in the Arkham Series. Batman : Arkham Origins has a fascinating story. It depicts the beginning of the Batman’s fight against the crime and how he earned the trust of the GCPD. The game is lower rated than other games since it lacks the innovative mechanics comparing to brilliant Arkahm City. How ever it’s an awesome game with great boss fights and story like we said earlier.

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