Why you should play Batman Arkham Series?

Tharindu Prabath
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From this article, we are going to talk about Batman : Arkham Series. This game series is renowned as a one of the best game series ever developed. Let’s ask why we should play this series.

Batman Arkham Series logo
Batman Arkham Series logo : Image from pinterest

While fans are calling the term ‘Arkhamverse’, the franchise is a real success. Currently we have four games of the series. The games basically inspired by the DC Comic character Batman. The series is developed by Rocksteady Studios and WB Games.

Qualities of the Batman Arkham Series

The series is falls under the category of action-adventure games as the games are created using the famous DC comics.

You want to learn more about game categories? follow this article of ours.

Gameplay Mechanisms

All games in the series represent third-person perspective gameplay mechanisms. Majorly games in the series focus on Batman’s combat abilities and they also tests the stealth abilities of the player. Players need to be smart (like Batman), specially in higher difficulty gameplay.

Batman Arkham Asylum Gameplay
Batman Arkahm Asylum Gameplay Screenshot : Image from Dailymotion

With the primary focus on combat and stealth skills of Batman. These games also give the player to experience various other skills of the vigilante. Detective Vision, which gives the ability to analyse the surrounding objects and Waynetech gadgets which enhance all combat, stealth and exploration abilities of Batman.

Main Story and Characters

The story is basically about capturing the criminals and beating them up. Batman fights as a vigilante to capture both ordinary criminals and criminal masterminds.

All four games features Batman’s arch enemy Joker.He is a mastermind criminal with no super powers. Joker is highly unpredictable, chaos lover which makes him extremely dangerous.

Arkham Asylum Joker
Joker in Arkham Asylum : Image from Pinterest

Another interesting villain is ‘The Riddler‘ who gives puzzles to Batman with his challenges. Solving these puzzles will give you various things.

Batman (Bruce Wayne) has to fight against major enemies such as Penguin, Two face, Harley Quinn, Bane, Killer Croc, Scarecrow, etc.

Arkham Asylum Villains
Batman Arkham Asylum Villains : Image from Pinterest

However Batman is not alone in his fight against these criminals. He has the support of Alfred (Bruce’s butler and caretaker), Robin (Another vigilante), James Gordon (Police Officer), Oracle (Batman’s Informant), etc.

Reviewing Batman Arkham Series

The series currently contains four main games, Arkham Asylum (2009), Arkham City (2011), Arkham Origins (2013) and Arkham Knight (2015). All four games give you fascinating and enjoyable experience.

Arkham Asylum started a revolution in superhero based games actually. It set the basement of this successful series.

The second game of the series, Arkham City is known as the best superhero game and won many awards as well. ‘The Guardian‘ included this game as an one of the best game in 21st century. Most claim that this is the best game of the franchise.

Arkham Origins actually considered as the least successful game in the series. This happened because the gameplay experience is much more similar to the previous installments.

Despite having problems in the Windows version, Arkham Knight also got some good reviews. This game has more advanced graphics and innovative gameplay mechanisms.


As mentioned above, this game series gives you marvelous amount of gameplay experience. Batman fan or not, a gamer, you should try this series. From future articles, let’s talk about each game in the franchise, in more details.

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