Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare Review

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For a change, today we are talking about a game from the Call of Duty franchise. And it’s the very famous Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare. However most call this game as COD 4. This game has the record for top selling game in 2007. Even after 2007 the game has got a huge fan base.

This game was published in 2007 as a first person shooter game. As you know this game is a military game (also called Army game), means that this game involves many scenarios of military soldiers.

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call of duty 4 cover
Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare cover – Image from MegaGames

As we said earlier this game is the fourth game of the series. Unlike the previous games of the franchise, the story of the game comes to the present day approach from world wars.

The game is available for all major gaming platforms to play. Many say the multiplayer mode of COD 4 is the most interesting part. That’s why we will talk about that from our later article.

Gameplay Mechanics of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

As we told you earlier, the game is a first person shooter game. Meaning it’s first person perspective game. The game gives the player to access various military equipment which can be rather interesting.

COD 4 gameplay
Gameplay Screenshot of Campaign ( Single Player Mode) : Image from GameSpace

Basic Gameplay in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

Other than some interesting weapons and other military equipment, basically the player can use three stances for movement. Standing for high mobility and quick actions, Couching for accuracy and to reduce unwanted hostile attention and Prone for stealth. So the player has to understand these three stances and use them appropriately in each case. And player can use cover to avoid some enemy attacks (not all).

The health system is similar to the other games in the franchise. There is no health bar in the game HUD, however when the player takes damages from the hostile attacks, the HUD glows in Red color and eventually player will die unless avoiding further attacks.

Characters in COD 4

Through out the single player campaign, player has the privilege of controlling six characters. These players contain 3 British SAS (Special Air Service) officers, 2 US military personal and a president in a unnamed middle east country.

Captain Price
Captain John Price : A main character of this game – Image from Giant Bomb

As for NPCs, these are so many of them available in the game. It’s obvious that there should be many NPCs in a military game, as the player need to follow them. There are some high ranked officers and the player often needs to act according their instructions.

The Plot of Call of Duty : Modern Warfare

The story begins with two sides, one side is the Russian Civil War in 2011 happens between the government and the ultra-nationalists. And the other, is a crisis in a unnamed middle-east country.

USMC Campaign in Middle-East

After the overthrow of the current president in the unnamed Middle East counrty, USMC (United States Marine Corps) had to invade the country to find and kill Khaled Al-Asad (The man who grabbed the power from the president).

The player controls Sergeant Paul Jackson (USMC) in these missions in the middle-east. The story goes around the investigations to find Al-Asad, as the player has to perform various tasks along the way.

SAS Squad’s Campaign

The game mainly focused around the SAS squad, led by Captain John Price, his right-hand man Gaz and newly recruited Sergent John ‘Soap’ MacTavish ( the playable character).

The squad operates through various locations to stop Al-Asad’s ally and the leader of the ultra-nationalists, Imran Zakhaev. Through these missions, SAS squad gets help from the Russian loyalists.

The games most fascinating mission is the sniper mission, ‘All Ghillied Up‘ featuring Lieutenant Price and Captain MacMilian, mentor of John Price. Their mission was to eliminate Zakhaev .

All Ghillied Up
Screenshot from the mission : All Ghillied Up – Image from Port Forwarding

Finally, SAS team manages to prevent a huge disaster by destroying nuclear weapons which are set by Zakhaev. And finally the team manages to kill him.


Even though the game is fairly old, many mention this game as the best in the franchise. The story is great and the gameplay experience is wasn’t bad either. And the story is directly connects to the game Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2 , which is also an interesting game. That’s also a reason to play the game if you haven’t played it yet.

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