Why we need Character Customization in Games?

Tharindu Prabath

Character Customization is an interesting aspect that we can observe in many games. Specially in Open World Games and Role Playing game categories. So, from today’s article, we are going to talk about this. What is Character Customization? Basically, character customization is allowing the player to create their own and […]

How Good is the Far Cry Series?

Hashan Madusanka

From today’s article we are looking at another famous game series from Ubisoft, ‘Far Cry series’. All games in this series comes under the game category of ‘first-person shooter’ games. Though the initial release was not a creation of Ubisoft, after that they got the rights of the series and […]

What are DLC and Expansions in Games?

Hashan Madusanka

DLC (Downloadable Content) Many gamers speaks about DLC and expansions in games. What are these terms? From this article, we are going to find out about them. DLC or Downloadable Content is the term used for the additional game content for a game. Basically already released game is used for […]

Importance of Strategy Games

Hashan Madusanka

Strategy Games are the games which test the tactical and planing skills of the player. So, unlike other game categories, these games involves more about those qualities. They offer various type of challenges to the player so the player need to focus on many departments at once. (Such as combat, […]

Why people love Racing Games?

Himesh Anjula

Today, we are going to talk about a different game genre,and it’s about Racing Games. Like military games, these games mark the beginning of the gaming life of many gamers. In most times, racing games are included in the sport games category. However, we decided to talk about this type […]

Concept of Open World Games

From this article, we are going to learn about ‘open world games‘ which is a very much famous gaming category now days. Make sure to read our article about computer gaming too. In modern classification of games, open world games has occupied a huge position within the gaming community. The […]

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