What is Mobile Gaming?

Hashan Madusanka

Today we are going to discuss about mobile gaming, and make sure to read our article about computer gaming. Like computer gaming, mobile gaming is very famous among the community today. Basically a mobile game is a game (another program type) which can be played in more user friendly devices […]

Introduction to Console Gaming

From this article, we are talking about console gaming. If you wish to learn something about computer gaming and mobile gaming you can follow those articles from here. Console gaming is a way of playing games with the use of video game console and multimedia system ( like a television). […]

Understanding Computer Gaming

Hashan Madusanka

Understanding computer gaming is easy. A game can be described as a type of a computer program which uses computer related hardware and software. Under classification of software, computer games falls under category of ‘Application Software’ and commonly state as ‘PC Games’.  While there are some other types of gaming […]

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