Introduction to Console Gaming

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From this article, we are talking about console gaming. If you wish to learn something about computer gaming and mobile gaming you can follow those articles from here.

Console gaming is a way of playing games with the use of video game console and multimedia system ( like a television). The game is controlled by some handheld devices (which we will talk about later).

Console Gaming
Console Gaming : Image From Grunge

Unlike PC games, differences between each kind of console types, create some extra challenges not for the players, but for the developers themselves, Because of these console exclusive games.

Early Days of Console Gaming

As we heard ‘Magnavox Odessey‘ is known to be the first experience of console gaming. It’s basically consisted of some lines and dots. However it was a big impact of the industry those days. These kind of games made the first generation of console games.

After some lesser freedom of creation of games in consoles, the second generation of console gaming offered much more freedom of developing games to developers. This age was known as ‘golden age of arcade video games‘.

Third generation started with some huge impacts of introducing new consoles from ‘Nintendo‘ and ‘Sega‘. If you have played early ‘Final Fantasy‘, ‘Metal Gear‘ games you can understand the impact done by this generation.

Technology Usage in Console Gaming

Display Devices

Commonly known as the visual output device in gaming. Basically console gamers use a television for the display device. This majorly concentrated on the idea of having multiple audience and for local multiplayer approach.

Another huge facility in console games is that they use more advanced graphics than PC games. Since console games consider only about gaming they give much more gameplay experience than a PC.

Storage Devices

Normally consoles have fixed amount of storage and there are 3 types of storage mediums in consoles. And they are,

  • Cartridges [Used in Nintendo Switch]
  • Discs
  • Hard Disk Drivers

Video game Emulator

Many ones who tried to play console games in a different platform must heard of this term. Emulation is like converting the game to a different platform. Some console developers give this opportunity to us gamers.

Comparing with PC and Mobile Gaming

Like previous articles let’s have a quick comparison between gaming methods.

Scope and Detail Level (Gameplay Experience)

Mobile games doesn’t have big story lines since they heavily rely on short gameplay sessions ( has more multiplayer approach). In the other hand PC and console games heavily depend on detail level of the game. Since mobile games don’t care about story line of the gameplay they don’t give user the amount of detail level of the game. ( Mobile games majorly focus on ease of play).

Game Size and File Systems

Obviously, mobile games are way too smaller in size and takes lesser amount of memory of the system and both PC, Console games have huge amount of storage comparing to handheld devices.


Console games has high cost up front meaning that the player has to pay a lot of money when buying the system. Mobile handheld devices are much more cheaper in this regard.


Developing a console game is a tiresome effort according to the developers. There are hardware limitations and also there are many centralized hardware developers in console systems and as for PCs and mobiles that’s not a problem.


Screenshot from God of War : Image From SlashGear

From 70’s console gaming was a part of the gaming people. Currently it vastly grown and huge community. From this article we learnt some things about it. Even though the differences between among the platforms we play, us gamers always choose the best way to feel the game.

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